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Once you have filed an internship agreement with Admissions and Records, find your assigned Faculty Sponsor. This can be done by checking your schedule sometime in the middle of September (after the paperwork for your internship is processed and posted on-line). You should contact your WGS Faculty Sponsor if you have any problems at your internship site. Please turn your end-of-semester paperwork into your WGS Faculty Sponsor's box (not necessarily the same person as your WGS academic advisor).

  • Log/Schedule- Maintain a log of hours spent working on the internship.  Keep in mind the total number of hours necessary to earn your units (1 unit = 45 hours of internship; 2 units = 90 hours of internship; 3 units = 135 hours of internship).
  • Progress Report- Each student must schedule a meeting with their assigned Faculty Sponsor to provide a progress report on the internship at least once during the semester. The meeting should occur BY MID-SEMESTER, WEEK 8. It is your responsibility to do this!
  • On-Site Supervisor Letter- You must provide your WGS Faculty Sponsor with a letter or email from your on-site supervisor verifying that you have completed the necessary hours and duties to complete the units. This letter (typed or hand-written) should: 1) be on the organization's letterhead or from an official organization email address and 2) state the number of hours you completed during the internship. DUE by the Friday BEFORE Finals Week (3 p.m.) to your WGS Faculty Sponsor’s mailbox/via e-mail
  • Summary paper (see directions below)-1 unit =3-5 pages, 2 units =4-6 pages, 3 units =5-7 pages- DUE BY the Friday BEFORE Finals Week (3 p.m.) to your WGS Faculty Sponsor's box

Internship Summary Paper Directions

This paper asks you to reflect on your internship experience. It is also an opportunity for you to reflect on how the concepts and material you have been learning in class can be applied (or not) in "real world" settings.


The length of your paper corresponds with the number of units you will receive credit for:

  • 1 unit = 3-5 pages
  • 2 units = 4-6 pages
  • 3 units = 5-7 pages
  1. Your paper should be typed and double-spaced with normal size font and margins. On the top left-hand corner of your paper, please include the following information:
    1. your name
    2. date
    3. your placement, including specific units and location
    4. your on-site internship supervisor's name
  2. Please address each of the following questions in your paper:
    1. Briefly describe your internship setting. What are the goals of the agency or organization in which you participated?
    2. Describe what you actually did in the internship. What worked well for you in the placement? What were some of the problems you encountered? How did you resolve problems?
    3. How helpful was your on-site supervisor? Did you feel adequately trained for your internship?
    4. In your opinion, is your internship agency or organization effective in meeting its organizational goals? Why or why not? Did you feel that you were able to help the organization meet its goals?
    5. Did you find yourself applying information from your WGS classes to the internship setting? Did your experience as a WGS major prepare you in any way for the internship? Did you find yourself bringing your internship experience(s) back to your classmates/classrooms in a meaningful way? Please explain with specific examples and details.