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Fall Class Schedule

Fall 2024 Class Schedule
DeptNoSecGETitleUnitsTeaching ModeDaysStart TimeEnd TimeRoomInstructor
114884WGS150001GEA1Current Conversations: Gender3.00FACE-TO-FACET04:00 PM06:40 PMSALZ2015Ford
114984WGS150002GEA1Current Conversations: Gender3.00FACE-TO-FACEW04:00 PM06:40 PMSTEV1105DeSouza
105984WGS200001GEEIntro to Women's & Gender Stud3.00FACE-TO-FACEM01:00 PM03:40 PMDARW0029McQuade
115484WGS200002GEEIntro to Women's & Gender Stud3.00FACE-TO-FACEW01:00 PM03:40 PMDARW0029McQuade
10548,84WGS201001GEFGender, Race, Justice Lecture3.00FACE-TO-FACEF09:00 AM11:40 AMSTEV1102Tung
105231WGS255001GEC1Introduction to Queer Studies3.00ASYNCARR  ASYNCRomesburg
105331WGS300001GECUGender Race and Representation3.00ASYNCARR  ASYNCKim
105582,84WGS305001GEDULGBTQ U.S. History3.00FACE-TO-FACEMW11:00 AM12:15 PMSTEV1201Romesburg
105631,82WGS375001GEDUGender & Power in U.S. History3.00ASYNCARR  ASYNCTung
115182,84WGS375002GEDUGender & Power in U.S. History3.00FACE-TO-FACEM04:00 PM06:40 PMDARW0107Lober
10571,84WGS385001 Transnational Feminisms4.00FACE-TO-FACET01:00 PM04:40 PMNICH0204Tung
28358,31,53WGS405001 Psychology of Gender4.00ASYNCARR  ASYNCPaolucci
26781,12,84WGS425WIC001 Feminist Research Methodology4.00FACE-TO-FACEMW10:00 AM11:50 AMSTEV1203McQuade
283284WGS450001 Women of Color Feminisms4.00FACE-TO-FACETH01:00 PM04:40 PMNICH0204DeSouza
26791,84WGS474001 Foundations Feminist Thought4.00FACE-TO-FACEMW01:00 PM02:50 PMSTEV1101Romesburg

WGS Pathway/ Elective Courses

  • CALS 410/ Latinx Feminisms 
  • POLS 449/ Gender/Geopol in Sci Fi & Fant
  • PSY 405/ Psychology of Gender 


1- Prerequisite
3- Instructor Consent
8- Cross-listed Class
12- Open to JR and SR Only
31- This course is taught entirely online
53- WGS majors/minors only
71- Contract Courses
75- Hybrid course (some class meeting held online)
82- UD D Requirements (Completion of GE Golden Four (A1, A2, A3, B4) with a C- or better, completion of LD D requirements and at least 45 units.)
84- Face to Face Class

Cross-listed Courses

  • WGS 201/ AMCS 201
  • WGS 405/ PSY 405