Bachelor of Arts in WGS

BA - Women's and Gender Studies  (43 Units)

Core Requirements (27 units)

Course Title Units GE
WGS 200 - Intro to WGS 3 E
WGS 375 - Gender, Power and Freedom in U.S. History (formerly "Gender, Race and Class," but both versions of the class count) 3 D & Critical Race
WGS 385 - Transnational Feminisms (Fall Only) 4  
WGS 398 - Careers in WGS 1  
WGS 425 - Feminist Research Methodologies (WIC class) (Fall Only) 4  
WGS 485 - Senior Seminar (Spring Only) 4  
WGS 499 - Internship 3  


Choose one of the following courses: Units GE
WGS 201- Feminist Lecture Series (Fall Only) 3  
WGS 202- Queer Lecture Series (Spring Only) 3 C2


Choose one of the following courses: Units GE
WGS 474- Foundations of Feminist Thought (Spring Only) 4  
WGS 475- Contemporary Feminist Theory (Fall Only) 4  


Pathway (12 units)

Choose one pathway:

Community / Clinical

Students interested in community organizing, social work, health care, education, and/or counseling will consider this pathway. Courses emphasize community and identity development, social transformation and justice movements, institutions and organizations, bodies and health, and service learning.


Cultural / Critical 

Students interested in the arts and art activism, cultural work and activism, education, and/or advanced degrees in humanities, critical social sciences, or law will consider this pathway. Courses emphasize critical theories, pedagogies, ideologies and structures, and cultural production, representation, and activism.

Elective (4 units)

Any WGS course or recognized courses in other departments.