Our History

  • Fall 1980

    First full-time Director of Affirmative Action hired, Barbara Lesch McCaffry

  • Fall 1981

    First tenure-track faculty hired in Women's Studies, Kay Trimberger

  • Fall 1982

    First associated student funding for Women's Center lobbied by Carmen Radcliffe

  • Spring 1983

    Women's Studies has 10-year reunion, attended by over 100 people

    Career Minor in Women's Health approved

  • Fall 1983

    Women's Studies course approved for general education (GE) credit

  • Fall 1985

    Women's Council of the California State University founded

  • Fall 1986

    SSU Council of Women's Issues founded as chapter of the Women's Council of the State University

  • Fall 1987

    Formation of Vice-President's Ad Hoc Committee meets to establish a Women's Resource Center on campus

  • Spring 1989

    Half-time coordinator hired for Women's Resource Center, Karen Markowitz

  • Fall 1989

    Women's Studies and Women's Resource Center win a major program improvement grant from the Chancellor's Office for a Women's Peer Leadership Project