Our History

  • Spring 1975

    Elaine Bundesen in the Admissions Office prepares for a re-entry women's brochure

    Two support groups for re-entry women are organized by Jan Kalbaugh and Sandra Walton

    24 courses focusing on women in Women's Studies and 14 in other departments are offered

  • Summer 1975

    Extension class, "From Kitchen to College," offered by Jackie Kramer

  • Fall 1975

    First Affirmative Action Director appointed, Bari Evans

  • Spring 1976

    Management offers an extension course on "Negotiating the Secretarial Ghetto," taught by Shawna Davis Fikes

  • Fall 1976

    Off-campus Housing Office offers re-entry services, First re-entry conversations

  • Spring 1978

    First class on "Racism and Sexism" team-taught by Ruth Mahaney and Ada Mason of American Multicultural Studies
    First celebration of National Women's History Week
  • Fall 1978

    Re-entry task force chaired by Barry Godolphin and Tak Richards

    Women's Studies minor approved

  • Spring 1979

    500 attend "Conference on Women and Power" coordinated by Linda Lipps of the Career Development Center

  • Fall 1979

    Half-time Director for Re-entry Center hired, Tak Richards

    Re-entry Learning Moments started

    Siege of Women's Studies begins as SSU President Diamendoupolos calls for major program review

    Twenty-eight women faculty send letter to President Diamandopoulos supporting the Women's Studies Program and its coordinators

  • Spring 1980

    President Diamendoupolos tries to close Women's Studies, but gives in to student, faculty and community protest