Remote Internship Policy

Fall 20-Spring 21-Remote Internship Policy

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45 hours of internship work = 1 unit of WGS 499.  Students need to complete 3 units of WGS 499 or 135 total hours.  Internships can happen at different sites or all at the same site.

While SSU remains in remote teaching mode, students have a range of alternative options to complete the required 3 units of internship for graduation.  If you have questions, please contact your WGS faculty advisor.  The options for remote internships include:

1) Remote Internships.  Several agencies (such as Verity) are developing remote internship opportunities.  Please contact any internship sites to see if they have remote internship opportunities.

2) Online Feminist Trainings. Many organizations are creating online trainings and study groups.  If you see something that looks interesting, ask your WGS faculty advisor if it could count as your internship.  For example: NYU’s Anti-Racism Education, Programs, and Resources

3) Engaging with Online Feminist Content. Watch video content from Feminist Freedom Warriors and/or read content from the online blog "The Feminist Wire."  Then journal about what you are learning.  In what ways is this content helpful for you in thinking about how people are putting feminist/intersectional ideas into practice.  Keep track of the hours you watch, read, and write in your journal.  You will need to submit your log of hours and journal with your final paper at the end of the semester.

4) Postpone Your Internship. We recommend that Sophomores and Juniors consider postponing their internships until their Senior year in the hopes that there will be more opportunities in the future. 

All internships must follow the new SSU Internship Policy (2020)