Suzel Bozada-Deas

Adjunct Professor, Sociology

Academic Interests

Areas of Expertise: Gender with an emphasis on masculinities, Ethnic/Race Relations, Intersectionality, Sociology of Latinos, Sociology of Place, Culture, Qualitative Research Methods, Rural Sociology

Suzel Bozada-Deas is currently a PhD candidate in Sociology with a certificate in Gender Studies at the University of Southern California. Suzel comes to sociology with a strong cross-disciplinary background. As an undergraduate at Stanford University, she double majored in Human Biology and Anthropology. She received her master’s degree in Sociology from the University of Southern California while expanding her coursework to include cultural geography, gender and sexuality studies from other disciplinary perspectives, and ethnic studies. These diverse perspectives provide her with a rich set of tools for working in a relatively new sub-specialty in sociology called intersectionality.
Her current dissertation is a study of masculinity in rural South Texas drawing on theories of social inequality. This work demonstrates that masculinity shapes race, class, and citizenship status at the same time it is shaped by them.