Brooke Lober

Adjunct Professor

Brooke Lober

Brooke Lober is a longtime participant in grassroots social movements and creative subcultures, which produce the materials and philosophies she engages in her classrooms, and in her work as a feminist and queer cultural studies scholar. At Sonoma State University’s Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, Lober teaches intersectional feminist/queer studies through investigations into critical theory, social movements, and cultural production. In her research and writing, Professor Lober is engaged in the study of late 20th century feminisms as they converge with anti-imperialist and anti-colonial movements that emerged in the wake of 1968. In collaboration with the Freedom Archives, Lober is the director of the Women Against Imperialism Oral History Project, which historicizes the work of a set of overlapping organizations that reshaped the meaning of feminist and queer activism and politics through years of Bay Area-based transnational feminist and queer organizing. Professor Lober's writing is published in the scholarly journals Feminist FormationsWomen’s Studies, the Journal of Lesbian Studies, and Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism.