Course Descriptions

Learn about many WGS career paths, strategize about maximizing coursework, service, and internship experience to prepare for careers, and grapple with some of the gendered challenges and opportunities of the world of work. WGS majors should take alongside internship units. Prerequisite: WGS 200. Fall only.

An introductory or advanced course designed by a senior or graduate student and taught under the supervision of faculty sponsor(s). Cr/NC only.
Explores gender through a social psychological perspective. Topics include gender socialization, the structural function of gender stereotypes, masculinity, and gender discrimination. Course originates in the Psychology Department and is cross-listed as PSY 405.
This course examines the role of gender in early modern Europe from the lateMiddle Ages to the end of the 18th century. Topics include religion, law, labor,social and family relations. The course also considers the impact of major historical developments such as the Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution, industrialization, and the rise of the modern state on gender relations. Cross list for HIST 414.
A historical overview of racism and sexism as they affect women of color, focusingon issues in which racism and sexism intersect, e.g. affirmative action, abortion,sterilization, violence against women, and other issues. Cross list for AMCS 420.

A feminist critique of traditional methods of constructing knowledge and research practices and a discussion of gender-inclusive research strategies. Students will be given instruction in library and electronic information retrieval. Prerequisite: WGS 200, 255, WGS 285, WGS 300, or WGS 375. Fall Only, satisfies WIC requirement.

An in-depth analysis of women/girls and crime in the field of criminology and criminal justice. The class examines the significance of gender in pathways to crime as well as the nature and extent of female offending, victimization, and incarceration. The course focuses on feminist theory and methodology. Prerequisites: course restricted to WGS Majors and Minors. Course originates in CCJS, and is cross-listed as CCJS 430.
An exploration of sociological perspectives on human reproduction. Topics include reproduction and gender identity, the social implications of reproductive technologies, historical and contemporary perspectives on normal pregnancy and childbirth, the cultural context for breastfeeding, and the politics of reproductive rights and choices in the United States. Prerequisite: Course restricted to WGS Majors and Minors. Cross-listed as SOCI 440.
Cross-List for HIST 446: Women in American History
This course examines changing definitions, institutions, and behaviors related to gender, sexuality, and the family in Latin America from indigenous civilizations to contemporary societies. Topics include the transition from European colonies to nation-states, and the social, economic, and political changes in Latin America. Course originates in History Department and is cross-listed as HIST 449.