Advising Videos

How to Read your ARR

The Academic Requirements Report (ARR) shows you which requirements you have completed, are completing, and have yet to complete. It is an important advising tool that will help you track your progress toward graduation if you review it frequently. This video shows you how to read your Academic Requirements Report.

How to run a What-If Report

Interested in adding a minor or changing your major, but not sure how many courses you’ll need to take to complete your chosen degree? Run a What-If Report and find out! This video shows you how.

How to fill out a Graduation Application

Getting close to being able to graduate? Congratulations! Watch this video to learn more about grad app deadlines and how to fill out a Graduation Application before meeting with your faculty advisor.

How to fill out an Internship Agreement Form

Working with an agency before graduation can be a great way to gain experience and make networking connections in your chosen field. Many departments in the School of Social Sciences allow students to get academic credit for such experiences via an Internship Agreement. Although each department has its own internship policy and procedure, this video explains how to fill out the Internship Agreement form.