GE Information

Each baccalaureate candidate is required to complete an appropriate GE Pattern. It is recommended that students use their Academic Requirements Report to understand and track the specific GE requirements. If you have questions, please contact your advisor.

More Information on GE Patterns

WGS (General Education Courses) Units GE Area
WGS 200-Intro. to WGS 3 E
WGS 255-Intro. to Queer Studies 4 D1
WGS 285-Men and Masculinity 4 E
WGS 300-Gender, Race, and Represent.(meets Ethnic Studies req.) 3 C1
WGS 302-Queer Lecture Series 1 C2
WGS 305-LGBTQ U.S. History 3 D3
WGS 375-Gender, Race, and Class (meets Ethnic Studies req.) 3 D1


GE Area Key:

C1-Fine Arts, Theater, Dance, Music, Film

C2-Literature, Philosophies, and Values

D1-Individual and Society

D3-United States History

E-Integrated Person